Get Famous! We apply your branding or an image of your choice to the tile. Popular with the Film, Television & Advertising Industries.

flexifloors Event Flooring : Dance Flex

The glamorous look and atmosphere of dance flex will take any event to the next level. Ease of installation, excellent wear resistance and the outstanding fact that you can brand these floors with an image of your choice make dance flex the unquestioned first choice for high end event dance floors.

The impact of a dance flex floor is unparalleled. Nothing enhances an event like this revolutionary temporary flooring product from Flexi- Flooring.

Lightweight, durable and extremely attractive the dance flex system will have your event buzzing with excitement before it even begins. The effective simply designed flooring sections fit easily together and stack perfectly before and after use. The materials used to create the universal visual appeal of Flexi-Flooring products are so tough and resilient we offer a five year manufacturing warranty.