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flexifloors Event Flooring : Floor Specifications

Technical specifications.

Flexi-Flooring individual tiles measure thirty centimetres across and are 14 millimetres deep. These individual tiles are installed nine tiles at a time as linked panels measuring 900mm x 900mm x14mm. This is the recommended panel size as it makes installation and disassembly that much simpler.

  • No tools are necessary to install the flooring system.
  • The tiles clean easily.
  • Tiles can be branded.
  • The flooring is weather resistant.
  • Water can flow beneath the individual tiles.
  • Tough, resistant and compact design for easy storage and long life.
  • Installation made simple with male and female snap clip design.

Colour schemes available include White oak, Rose Wood, English Willow, Black and White, Beautiful Marble Variants and of course the real wow grabber: Digitally printed tiles, any image or design and non standard colours. Available only on special order.

Flexi-Flooring products have a vinyl chloride polymer surface that stands up to wear with excellent results. The tiles are light ( 700g per tile -6.3 kg per recommended panel size) attractive, and easy to put in place. An event maker, these floors are so far in advance of other systems that there is little to compete with them.